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EMS Claims Processing

With hundreds of companies offering thousands of insurance plans, proper ambulance claims filing procedure is very important. The Billing Pros EMS Division is committed to HIPAA and Medicare compliance and is constantly working to stay on top of the emergency medical billing industries ever-changing requirements.

We track ambulance claims, insurance company responses, and any patient transaction data that enters our system. Our software routinely notifies our staff of claims that require follow-up intervention, and automatically generates secondary claims, including Medicare supplements, after primary payment is received. We offer:

  • Electronic claims filing to primary, secondary, and tertiary insurances
  • Knowledge of government and insurance industry requirements
  • Fully implemented and ongoing HIPAA and Medicare compliance programs

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The Billing Pros Affiliates

Cvikota EMS Billing Services is also affiliated with the following medical billing companies: Cvikota Medical Business Services and HealthOne, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc.