The Billing Pros EMS - A Cvikota Company

The Billing Pros - A Cvikota Company

Founded in 1969, The Billing Pros continues to provide medical professionals quality medical billing and accounts receivable services. We have grown from a home-based office to three branches, operating in 12 states. Our knowledgeable staff provides medical billing services ranging from medical coding to data entry, from comprehensive practice management to information services. We have built our business around the principle of fitting our services to our clients' needs.

In our infancy, we were a medical service bureau with our own in-house computer system. The strength of our software development attracted the attention of free-standing clinics and even IBM. In 1988, IBM invited The Cvikota Company to become a business partner and re-market our software aptly named the Physician's Paperless Solution. Since the inception of our medical billing software we have continued to develop and enhance our software adapting to the changing landscape of the medical billing industry.

Check out the links below to view information about divisions of The Billing Pros:

  • The Cvikota Company - A Division of The Billing Pros Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • HealthOne - A Division of The Billing Pros Medical Billing and Comprehensive Practice Management Services
  • EMS Billing Pros - The emergency medical services billing and ambulance billing division of The Billing Pros
  • Webteam - Website development, programming, and online marketing services division of The Billing Pros

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The Billing Pros Affiliates

EMS Billing Pros is also affiliated with the following medical billing companies: The Billing Pros and HealthOne, as well as our website development division, Webteam, Inc.