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Not So Fast - Don't Cash that EHR Incentive Check Just Yet

Submitted Thursday, May 23rd 2013 3:39 pm by Paul Andres

So, you did the research and purchased a certified EHR system.  You invested in training.  You made every effort to use the software in a meaningful way.  You attested to meaningful use using the CMS attestation module, and you believe you are playing by the rules and jumping through every hoop asked of you.

As it turns out, providers are having a difficult time documenting Meaningful Use attestation.  Preliminary results from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Meaningful Use audits suggest providers are having a lot of trouble substantiating what they’ve attested to.  This according to Robert Anthony at CMS’ Office of e-Health Standards and Services.  Read the full article here:

Prepare to be audited.  CMS plans to conduct both random and targeted attestation audits for post and pre-payment Meaningful Use attesters.  In other words, prove it.  Worse yet, many EHR systems may not be able to document fully what providers are sure they have performed.  “We want to make sure the right people are getting paid,” says Anthony.  A noble endeavor to be sure, but having to more fully substantiate attestation documentation is sure to be costly for some, and may result in recoupment of incentive payments already distributed.


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